The company offers high-quality services, including major construction works, architecture, technical engineering and overhaul services, as well as “smart house” and fire safety systems.

“Kontinent İnşaat” demonstrates high professionalism in construction and design projects in different business areas from various hotels to residential complexes by completing important real estate projects in Azerbaijan and abroad.

We use the design that will bring pleasure and comfort to people’s lives and will contribute to the success of companies. Our professional staff of nearly 2,000 employees and contractors cooperates worldwide with a network of around 350 partners.

Our goal is to offer exceptional design ideas and solutions to our customers on the basis of people needs, protection of the environment, the creation of added value, and coordination of science and culture with new methods.

Our design solutions are based on a collaborative process that gives encouragement to explore multidirectional professional staff and alternatives, share knowledge and explore new ways for solving problems of the construction environment.

Our professional and energetic staff of talented designers and experienced managers finds solutions for our customers by the perfect and timely implementation of a residential design project.

Our staff is proud to build extremely native luxury and innovative residences for our customers and their families. We understand that each project we start has specific requirements, budget and work quality. Each home requires an individual approach that meets the requirements of our customers and fits their individual style.

We are basing on our professional knowledge and experience while explaining to our elite customers the process of interior rebuilding, the construction of the new building and the interiors, as well as offering key-delivery, design and construction services.

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