HSE Policy

The development of safe and healthy working conditions is “Kontinent İnşaat” LLC’s policy and also has a clear commitment to avoid accidents, to not injure people, and not to damage the environment.

“To achieve these goals, “Kontinent İnşaat” LLC is committed to protect the natural environment, as well as ensuring the safety of its employees and the workforce in the fields of activity.

“Kontinent İnşaat” LLC takes full responsibility to:

  • To show courage on the field of Health, Safety and Environment and demonstrate its business activity effectively;
  • Not only do the health and safety legislation, but also act responsible in order to recover from any injury or to prevent and implementation of "Health, Safety, Environmental Protection" statement of the “Kontinent İnşaat” LLC Management;
  • Keeping Health, Safety and Environmental Problems at equal statuses with other project goals, taking into account that safe business practices contribute to the fully effectiveness and success of our business with the necessary discussion of environmental factors;
  • Implementation plan to eliminate the threats should be implemented and fulfil the necessary preventive measures should be strengthened and as well as to implement an emergency action plan if any incident occurs, taking into account security operations are the foundation of the success of any operation;
  • Safeguarding our employees, the environment, and the people we work together, to protect their property from risks associated with injury, loss, damage and provide that responsible persons for operations are fully responsible for the safety of work;
  • Determine the annual goals and targets of the HSE, management programs and provide information about implementation;
  • Prevent environmental pollution, provide plans and resources for responding to emergencies, as well as to manage emergencies;
  • Continuous improvement of HSE performance by way of advanced experience and outcome of mistakes;

The Company top management is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of the HSE Management System according to the specified requirements by providing full support.


The Company declare that HSE Policy is primary line and principal direction of our activities!