Quality Policy

“Kontinent İnşaat” LLC makes continual improvements to focus on customer and enhance customer satisfaction.

We emphasize employee training and always provide quality work to become a reliable company.

Customer wants for high quality product and services challenges us to working with seal and performing all activities intensively. With quality of every product and services, we stimulate future generation to satisfy their desires and benefit from the outcomes of our work.

Оuг quality objectives аге to minimize customer complaints, re­-work and repair work; reduce costs through productivity improvements and share this with our customers.

Our valuable employees’ competency and qualification guarantee for the provision of quality product.

Our efforts for continuous development and decisiveness enable us to gain successes.

The Company top management is committed to enhancing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System according to the specified requirements by providing full support.

The Company Quality Policy states primary line and principal direction of our activities!

Illustration of quality control